1550: The map of Gielis

Kaart uit 1550
De Moft in 1550, Gielis, GA 4920-1550-30

1570: The map of Thomas Witteroos

In 1570 Thomas Witteroos makes a map of the Moft, the huge wood on the Hills between Wageningen, Ede and Renkum. The valley of Renkum is at the edge of this map. The north is right (the stream flows from north to south).

Kaart uit 1570 van het Moftbos
De Moft in 1570, Witteroos, GA 0012 1403-0001

1631: The first copy by Nicolaes van Geelkercken

Nicolaes van Geelkercken has drawn two copies of the bottom edge of the map of Thomas Witteroos. His maps form part in a process about the heather fields of Renkum. These maps are just copies without checking in the field whether things had been changed since 61 years.

GA 5218-1645-3

1635: The second copy

For one reason or another someone made a few years later another copy of the map of Witteroos. For sure this one has not been made by Nicolaes, because it resembles his work not at all.

GA 5163-1638-6

1640: Raesfelts estate by Nicolaes van Geelkercken

Kaart uit 1640 van de Moft
De Moft in 1640, Van Geelkercken, GA 1409

1649: The Moft by Nicolaes van Geelkercken

De Moft in 1649
De Moft in 1649, Van Geelkercken, GA 1408-1649

1650: Raesfelts enlarged estate, by Nicolaes van Geelkercken

De Moft in 1650
De Moft in 1650 Van Geelkercken, GA 5633-1686-30

1657: The map of Isaac van Geelkercken

Renkumse Beek in 1657, Van Geelkercken
GA 0012: 1669-0001

On the map of Isaac, north is left. Isaac only depicts the northern part of the valley, starting halfway the other maps. It is nowadays the valley between Quadenoord and the Railway. The bends in the stream are nowadays exactly the same: proof that it is an artificial stream, made to supply the Watermill of Quadenoord.

1771: The Sijsselt by Van der Does

Oude kaart
Sijsselt GA 670

1793: The Scheidingslaan

De Moft in 1793 GA 7718 8870

1799: The Hill of Wageningen

De Zoomweg in 1799
GA 016-548

1800: Heathland at the Hill of Wageningen

GA 0873-17