Wageningen in 1570

The oldest map of Wageningen is this one, made by Jacob van Deventer.

Wageningen in 1570
Wageningen Van Deventer

Wageningen in 1634

This is a map of Wageningen made by Nicolaes and his son Isack van Geelkercken in 1634. It belongs to a series with all the properties of the Catharina Convent in Arnhem.

558-0012 kaart 16
GA 2001-558-0012
Wageningen 1635
detail GA 2001-558-0012
wagenngen 1880

In 1960 not so much has changed. In fact, it is remarkably similar. The hamlet at the top, with the shape of a pentagon, is easily reconisable. In 2020 the world has changed.

wageningen 1980

Wageningen in 1642

Obviously father and son Van Geelkercken had made a mistake, they had omitted an important field, because 7 years later they had to redraw their map. The difference is the green field on the left side. The map is much less detailed: no funny farmers, cows and horses. For sure they rushed to get this extra unpaid job done.

The maps of 1634 and 1642 are from this book: Kaartboek St Catharina

Mijn boek ‘Water in het Binnenveld’ gaat over de watergeschiedenis van het Binnenveld en staat vol kaarten en foto’s die het verhaal verduidelijken. Inclusief een wandelroute, fietsroute en wensroute.