This is one of the oldest maps of The Rhine in the center of The Netherlands and some adjacent floodplains and meadows.

Historical map of the Rhine and some meadows and floodplains.
GA 0124: 4926-1552-31

The North is above. The Rhine flows from right to left. In the top left corner you can see Rhenen. The bottom part of the map is the winter dyke. In the Netherlands the rivers are being lined with two dykes. Close to the river, is the low summer dyke. Further away there is a much stronger and higher winter dyke. The floodplains in between overflow in the winter.

It is funny to see that this winter dyke at the bottom of this map has been drawn with the paper upside down. The houses and two churches are drawn as if you see them in the water.

I copy the map on a topographic map of 1920. It is entirely recognizable.

topotijdreis, bewerking Mathilde

An actual photo taken from about the center of the map towards the northwest. In the background is The Grebbeberg.

foto Mathilde 2018