An old map from 1565

This cute map is one of the eldest of the region. Its size is 23 * 43 cm, drawn with ink on paper, but the maker is unknown. It forms part of a process about the limits between the Geldern villages Lunteren and Ede.

Historical Map of Lunteren in 1565
Gelders Archief Hof van Gelderland 0124 map 4957-1566-23

North is left. The map is made in bird’s view. The bird is flying above the Valley of Gelderland and looking towards the hills of the Veluwe. It flies high above three churches: the church of Barneveld on the left, Lunteren in the center and Ede on the right. A stream forms the border between Barneveld and Lunteren and a dike the one between Lunteren and Ede.

Besides these three villages with a church, some more smaller hamlets are drawn. Interesting is that for each place the number of houses is shown. Ede 31 houses, Veldhuizen 26, Manen 17, Doesburg 21, De Venen 4, Meulunteren 21, Het Woud 47, Wekerom 12, De Fliert 13, Valk 18 houses. Some of these hamlets have never really grown, but Ede is nowadays a city with more than 70.000 inhabitants (and swallowed up Veldhuizen and Manen).

Doesburgh in 1655

This is a map of the polder of Doesburgh in 1655. The map has been made by Nicolaes van Geelkercken.

Kaart uit 1655 van de buurschap Doesburgh
Doesburg in 1655. Van Geelkercken, GA 0124 5476-1665-79

Although the map is beautifully made and full of details, it is not at all accurate. Here the same area within the red line on an old topographic map:

Topografische kaart van Doesburg in 1854

A rough sketch of the map has also been preserved.

Doesburgerpolder in 1655
Doesburg in 1655, Van Geelkercken 1655. GA 0306 252-0002

Location of the maps in The Netherlands:

Map of The Netherlands