This is a beautiful map of the Binnenveld, the valley between the Veluwe and the Ridge of Utrecht in the middle of The Netherlands.

Het Binnenveld in 1655
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The north is right. At the bottom you can see the hills of the Veluwe in Gelderland and at the top the Ridge of Utrecht. The border between the provinces Gelderland and Utrecht is the stream central in the Binnenveld, here drawn close to the Ridge of Utrecht because there was nothing of interest between the Ridge and the stream.

The map is made by Nicolaes van Geelkercken in 1655 on paper and is rather small: 32 * 40 cm. He made it because of major water problems in the valley caused by the digging of peat in Utrecht. At the bottom he draws the polders of Wageningen and the villages on the eastern slope in Gelderland. At the top he draws the peat area of Veenendaal in Utrecht. On the right he draws some ‘illegal’ water streams that flow without caring the formally designed neat water courses.

It took the two Provinces about 100 years until these water problems in the Binnenveld eventually got solved in 1714.

Location of the map in The Netherlands:

Map of The Netherlands