The Koenenbosch in 1570

Thomas Witteroos made in 1570 a map of a forest called Coenenbosch near Oosterbeek and Doorwerth. North is up. Oosterbeek is depicted at the bottom edge on the right. The Castle of Doorwerth is just visible in the bottom left corner.

1403-0004 kaart 15
GA 0012 1403-0004

This coloured map gives an overview of all the plots in this huge old wood, and forms a set with detailed maps of each plot separated. The map is drawn on four sheets of parchment that are sewn together. The top border is remarkably different in colour, but nevertheless original.

The various brooks and the old church make orientating on old maps of Oosterbeek relatively easy. From west to east are visible: on 1/3rd of the map the Seelbeek, and in Oosterbeek the Owrspronck, the Gielenbeek and a brook in the Sweijersdall that flows into the floodplain of the Rhine next to the old church. In the bottom right corner he draws a White Stone Cross that for centuries has been marked on maps but now has disappeared.

The old church of Oosterbeek is one of the oldest in the Netherlands:

Mathilde 2018

De Rosandepolder in 1631

Part of the Rosandepolder, a floodplain of the Rhine. Made by Nicolaes van Geelkercken.

GA 2000 5855

Oosterbeek in 1660

This map of Oosterbeek is made in 1660 by Isaac van Geelkercken, son of his famous father Nicolaes who had passed away in 1656. North is up. Depicted is just the village of Oosterbeek, thus only the part of the bottom right corner of the map from 1570.

0390 Oosterbeek kaart 17
Oosterbeek in 1660: GA 0509-554

The three brooks and the old church make again orientating easy. The old church is located at the bottom center. Near the church the Zuiderbeek in the Sweersdal flows into the floodplain. More to the west close to the village the Gielenbeek and further away the Oorsprongbeek.

tipboek Oosterbeek: Oosterbeek, Wolfheze, Doorwerth en hun kunstenaars